Flawsome: Breaking Free from Perfectionist Anxiety


Feeling stuck or overwhelmed with negative self talk and avoidance? Do you notice that these feelings are related to the anxiety of being a perfectionist? Then our 5 session online course is your way to break free. 


We will be sharing strategies to help you become “flawsome”. Supporting you to embrace your potential and imperfection! You will learn about creating confidence, coping, inner calm, and the capacity to make change – invigorating your mind, body and true potential.


Dr. Emily McLaughlin, BSc, ND (naturopathic doctor) and Kameela Osman, MSW, RSW (social worker and psychotherapist), are bringing their knowledge of mind and body together. Sharing holistic strategies to approach this issue  they see many struggle with. If you have realized that you would benefit, register today. All 5 sessions, which include video and downloadable worksheet content, is comparable to the cost of just one session with these highly qualified regulated professionals!

Must be 16 years or older

Course content was released weekly Oct 21, 2019- Nov 25, 2019, however  all content remains uploaded & registration is open. We do encourage users to take a week to week approach to the course, allowing for small sustainable changes.


Disclaimer: By purchasing and participating in this course you understand and agree to the following: Awareness that engagement in course does NOT constitute a client relationship. Information provided is not meant to replace the direct care of a health professional. No individualized recommendations or direct care is provided within the framework of the course. Additionally note that while care goes into maintaining security, that there are risks to privacy for any information disclosed via technology.

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