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My kids (especially my first) haven’t always gotten the best of me. Yet, they are the best of me. I teach them lessons, they now annoyingly remind me… like words I shouldn’t say, to breathe, that it’s okay, and a bad moment doesn’t have to make a bad day, we get to choose. I don’t often post of them on my business page/social media for a lot of reasons, their privacy/safety among it. I also don’t frequently share my story (again, for too many reasons to name here)…but here’s a little part.

During my prenatal and postpartum periods I struggled with depression, anxiety, including panic attacks, and flashbacks re: trauma. I had a really hard time, and even as a well connected therapist, maybe because I was I well connected therapist, I struggled like too many women in silence, the first time around. The second time, life came at me hard very early in pregnancy with difficult circumstances, which brought it all up, cue panic attacks and it all, from week 7. I couldn’t hold my guard up any longer, I told people around me, reached out to services, let them know how bad it was and  asked for ALL the support I needed, even though it was really scary to do so. I took it moment to moment, because even day to day seemed too big… one breath at a time. Perhaps because I expected the worse, or more so because I had a team of professionals, including public health, once I birthed my daughter much of my symptoms eased. It’s not perfect today, but that too I’ve learned is okay.

Statistics show that 1 in 7 moms experience postpartum depression and that’s likely an under-reported number. If you’re struggling support is available. I’ve since done additional training with Postpartum Support International, including an advanced perinatal mental health psychotherapy training,  that I integrate within my therapeutic framework to support other parents and families. I offer services (in-person Bowmanville, ON) and through online video (Ontario wide). Note post bedtime (8:30pm) online video appointments can be arranged by connecting with me directly email kosman@elitec-c.com or calling 905-419-3242.

PSI supports families all over the world, there are coordinators for many Canadian regions that can be found online at https://www.postpartum.net/get-help/locations/international/. In the United States you can access their support line at 1-800-944-4773