Counselling / Psychotherapy Rates

50 min Counselling session = $150.00/session

1.5hr counselling session = $240.00/session*

1.5hr single session = $240.00/session**


Note session rates are as is regardless of the number of attendees (ex. couple session vs. individual).

No show/cancellation

If client fails to answer, show up, or cancels less than 24hrs for session a $50 fee will be charged.


Insurance Coverage

If using extended health benefits, ensure coverage is for a Registered Social Worker and/or Master of Social Work. Psychotherapy services are offered and regulated through registration as a Social Worker. Note that social workers are one of 6 regulated professions permitted to offer psychotherapy and use the title of psychotherapist. It is your responsibility to review your coverage.




Methods of Payment

Fees are charged post-session by credit card through OnCall Health, which uses Stripe.

If alternate methods of payment is needed, this requires speaking to the therapist on booking and arranging payment.

Note:  Costs are covered by most Insurance  &/or Employee Benefit Packages, please check with your provider as they may reimburse you for the session, under Social Work Services ( or registered social worker, master of social work).

If you don't have coverage you may be able to claim the fees as medical expenses on your taxes.


*90 minute sessions are only offered if/when therapeutically appropriate

**There are some issues not appropriate for single session. A consultation (free) prior to single session is required to ensure clinically appropriate.

Workshop /Classes Fees are as advertised. Consultation service rates vary, call or email for inquiry.

To find out more about upcoming workshops / classes, click here.      To find out more about consultation services, click here.