Guiding Principles of Elite Counselling & Consulting

An Elite Counsellor is someone who is client-centeredevidenced based and engages in continuous deliberate practice.


Client Centered

The beauty of human nature is we're alike and different in many ways. Elite Counselling & Consulting Services acknowledges that in therapy, one size doesn’t fit all. Using knowledge of a range of therapeutic techniques and interventions, we collaborate to find solutions that fit for you, in your life.

Evidenced based

Remove the potentially awkward fear of trying to tell your counsellor it's not working or you're struggling. Kameela practices evidenced based therapy, by gathering & examining the feedback from clients to guide the process.* If therapy needs adjusting it becomes present in our feedback, saving you time and money!

Deliberate practice

Like an Elite athlete consistently trains, an Elite Counsellor is always attuning their skills. Research shows those who are leaders and experts in their fields engage in what's called deliberate practice. This means even with extensive qualifications and experience, professional development is continuously a priority. This leaves us informed and up to date on current therapeutic models/interventions. It also guides us to practice our skills as if it were an art form, meaning when we engage in therapy with you, it’s in a refined manner and you’re getting the best from your counsellor.


*Feedback forms are currently not integrated with online video counselling. Clients are free to decline giving formal feedback.