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Supporting Mental, Emotional, Relational Well-being

Counselling / Psychotherapy

When we’re caught up in struggle it can become all we see. It’s common to get overwhelmed by the suggestions of others, or online searching for something that may help. We may not know where to start but know, we don’t want to keep feeling/thinking/living as is.

Therapy services can help us find a starting point, then develop a plan and act on making change, all while supported by a regulated professional in the field. Further therapy can help us gain understanding/process how we got here, to help us develop preventative measures and coping strategies for the future.  I seek a collaborative approach to therapy, leveraging my knowledge and 10 years+ experience in the field, with your insider knowledge of self and what will realistically fit in your life.

Kameela offers therapy services in 3 areas:

Individual Mindset Therapy:
for those struggling with their thoughts (overthinking, negative thinking, unwanted/intrusive thoughts, etc.), which can relate to motivation, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, perfectionism and many other issues.
Pre-natal / Post-natal Therapy: 
For general or relational support and relating to perinatal mood disorders.
Relationship/Marriage Counselling:
for tune ups, re-connection, pre-marital or pre-engaged support, as well as, recovering from affairs and betrayals.

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Offering workshops & classes on topics such as mindfulness, parenting, relationships, anxiety, anger & more. Being pro-active with your mental health/wellness, benefits your being, relationships, career, finances, and more! Workshops are available online & in-person (Bowmanville & Greater Toronto Area) see featured workshops click here. To see the events page for full current calendar, click here

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Consulting & More

If you notice you're stuck, are in need of an outsider perspective or have too many balls to juggle, consultation services can help you! Kameela is also available to support individuals, agencies, and the community in other ways, for more information click learn more.

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