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Mindset therapy, Perinatal & Couple Counselling

Mindset Therapy

Mindset Therapy

If you notice you’re struggling with your thoughts or pattern of thoughts, mindset therapy can create a shift. whether it’s negative thinking, intrusive/unwanted thoughts, or memories. Therapy on mindset can be beneficial to those struggling with self-esteem, depression, perfectionism, assertiveness, anger, motivation, and more.

Perinatal (Pregnancy & Postpartum) Counselling

Perinatal Counselling

In this stage, life transitions occur both around us and within. Questioning how to cope, where to get support, not knowing how to deal with worries, fears, expectations, pressures and reality can all set in at once. If you find yourself here or would like to do some counselling / psychotherapy as a preventative measure, connect today. Sessions available to individual parents attending alone or as a couple.

Services support general issues (including relationship issues), as well as, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, such as postpartum depression, perinatal anxiety, etc.

1 of only 20 Perinatal Mental Health Certified Professionals in Canada*

Kameela has specialized training and experience specific to perinatal mental health, including advanced perinatal mental health psychotherapy training through Postpartum Support International.  She’s perinatal mental health certified. 

*as of March 2020

Couple Counselling

Couple / Marriage Counselling

Sharing our life with another has it’s challenges. We all come with our own baggage, including triggers, perception, expectations, & pet peeves.  You can attend alone or with a partner to work on relationship / marriage issues. Kameela approaches couple counselling from a holistic healing stance. Working at healing ourselves as individuals as well as, healing our relationship and connection. 

Supporting Issues Such As…





Postpartum depression

Postpartum Anxiety

Perinatal OCD

Premarital Counseling

Betrayal and Affairs

Communication Issues

and more...

Reignite Hope

If exploring counselling/therapy services you’ve likely been struggling for some time. When we’re caught in the struggle we can feel hopeless. We may notice things that use to help aren’t helping. We may have lost motivation to try, as a result of this. It’s common to get caught in, and even overwhelmed by the suggestions of others, or online searching for something that may help. We may not know where to start, but know we don’t want to keep feeling/thinking/living as is. Therapy services can help us find a starting point, then develop a plan and act on making change, all while supported by a regulated professional in the field. Further therapy can help us gain understanding/process how we got here, to help us develop preventative measures and coping strategies for the future.

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