After time studying and working in the field, I have what many call "expert knowledge" but I'm not one to lead with my expertise. I instead embrace a learner disposition. I meet others with curiosity, listen more than speak and seek to learn before adding what I may have to share.

I value a learner’s mindset, as I want to remain aware that there is more to know. I want to remain open to different insights, perspectives & knowledge that may come. While the name is Elite Counselling & Consulting. It's noted (as per the main webpage) this is predicated upon being client centred, evidenced based and through engagement in deliberate practice. Deliberate practice is essentially a learner’s mindset at work. It involves practicing in a manner that is continually seeking to grow, learn more and get better. Someone who says they know enough or thinks they've reached an expert level, can quickly become stagnant in their skills. There are always leaders a leader can learn from, and a good leader will seek to keep learning.

Further, I'm mindful of my humanity. In posts and in general I typically make a point of using "we" instead of “I”. Though my experience is mine and yours is your own, respectively. I find it important to acknowledge that there is a joint human experience. I'm not immune to the mental health, trauma, relationship, parenting, familial, or other life issues others come to me for support through. While I haven't experienced it all, I acknowledge that capacity is there, to some extent.

I also find it odd to refer to a global “you”, when I don't know you as an individual. What I have seen through my study/work is that while we understand things through labels, and there is a joint human experience, the individual experience is also there. This is why I use language such as "we may...". You may, as much as I may, and all the same, neither of us may.

Through sharing this I hope value is added to future posts and thoughts shared. My last “I” message, is that I truly thank you, for whatever capacity you engage with me. Through my experience with clients, with processing posts, writing these blogs & critical reflection, I also do myself a service.

**Originally published April 29/18