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The third Monday in January, coined Blue Monday, has been said the to be the saddest day of the year. While it’s contested and can be problematic if we expect to feel down, it remains that number of factors can come together to make mid-January a difficult time for many. Those with and without a mental health related diagnoses can struggle at this time. For some the impact of holiday bills and poor holiday eating may set in. Less time outdoors and lower vitamin D intake also can affect many. Further, recently set new years resolutions may start to get off track around this time.

See this CTV News Channel Interview for some of the tips listed below:


To see an article by CTV News based on the interview see here.

So, what can you do if you notice struggle at this time?

If you can’t get more time outdoors, eating food high in the sunshine vitamin, such as fatty fish, egg yolks or fortified dairy products, can help. If concerned, consult a family or naturopathic doctor to learn more or to test your vitamin D levels. You can then jointly develop a plan of action, such as using supplements, or other products.

Remain mindful that all parts of life are connected, struggle in one area impacts other aspects of life. For example, struggling relationship or career wise can affect mental health, and the other way around. This awareness can be a reminder to respond when we notice struggle instead of trying to push through and potentially compounding issues. Further, if we think of the issues as separate, we might limit pathways to solutions.

As for resolutions, it’s important to remember getting off track doesn’t mean we can’t achieve our goals. If we’re rigid in thinking about how things “should” be unfolding or focus only on the end goal, we ourselves up to feel disappointed. It’s important to remember setbacks and slips are a part of the process of change. How we react to setbacks can make the difference between successfully meeting goals or not. When we get off track and get caught in self-criticism or feelings of defeat, we off-set movement towards our goals. Self-compassion, an attitude of acceptance, and acknowledgement that setbacks are normal, creates space for reassessing and adjusting plans as needed.

If continuing to struggle, seeking support can make a difference, whether it’s from family, friends, or a professional. For more information about services see the homepage. To book an appointment click here.