Flawsome: Breaking Free from Perfectionist Anxiety


Feeling stuck or overwhelmed with negative self talk and avoidance? Do you notice that these feelings are related to the anxiety of being a perfectionist? Then our 5 session online course is your way to break free.    We will be sharing strategies to help you become “flawsome”. Supporting you to embrace your potential and […]

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Self-Compassion Through Mindfulness


    In this 1 hour course, Kameela Osman, MSW, RSW, Social Worker / Psychotherapist, shares an overview of mindfulness and self-compassion, connecting how mindfulness can be used to work toward a more compassionate self. She then leads viewers through experiential exercises.  The course is divided into short video lessons, which allows the ability to […]

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COMING SOON -Baggage Check for Your Relationship – Online Course

Based on the workbook, Kameela and Darby have created an online course to guide you through reflecting how your past may be impacting your current/future relationship.

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